1098438_10153094327740548_403159368_n“If all those stupid people ….”

I was first introduced to the home-based business arena on my 18th birthday. My father, a Christian minister, decided that the perfect birthday present would be a business in his Amway downline. My mom wasn’t so fond of the idea, but I was ecstatic! In my mind I was going to be driving a Ferrari in a week!

I wasn’t one of those dear folks who had to see the presentation 30 different times and still not sign up in the business. I absolutely got it! “You introduce a few who introduce a few and before you know it you’ve sitting on a downline as big as China!”…(what a lie!)

I thought that a direct sales business was absolutely the most awesomely brilliant thing I had ever seen and if all those “stupid people with weird accents” could make money in this business then I was going to be RICH!

Sadly enough, my first 3 years in this industry I managed to make only $ 50. I tried everything: hounding my friends and family to death, prospecting strangers in malls, advertising in newspapers, going  door to door, cold-calling out of a phone book, buying leads, you name it…I tried it….and failed at it.

But I didn’t quit….”If those stupid people could make all that money…” Is all I kept saying to myself.

I decided that maybe my struggles in the industry had more to do with the company I was working with and so I started trying out different mlm companies. But to my surprise I still wasn’t getting any results.

Finally I came to the realization that my failure in this industry had nothing to do with the companies I had been in…..my success and failure was up to me.

That decision to become a professional in this industry and to master the skills that the  top 2 % of our profession have acquired quite simply changed my life…I went from $0 in income to achieving my first $13,000+ month in just 3 months and I haven’t looked back since!

My wife and I now live an incredible lifestyle. We travel the world when we want. We spend as much time together as we want. We have freedom that our college and masters degrees could have never gotten us in corporate America. All because we made a decision to design our lives the way that we wanted to.

So “if all those stupid people” can make all that money in this industry than you too my friend can achieve all of your dreams and it’s my sincere hope that this blog helps you along your way to mastery and utter breakthrough in your business and on your journey through life!

Dream-then find a way,




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