FTC – Herbalife is NOT a Pyramid Scheme

Today the news broke that Herbalife has come to a settlement with the FTC over its pyramid scheme allegations and has determined that Herbalife is not operating an illegal pyramid scheme. Herbalife will pay around $200 million in the settlement. As part of the settlement Herbalife will need to adjust its business practices in regards to misrepresentation and will be [...]

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Your network marketing teammates are unmotivated? Here’s what to do…

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just break out the whip and get your whole team into peak production mode ;)? Doesn't quite work like that does it? Building  a team in mlm can be like herding cats...it isn't easy...Some go faster than others, but what about the ones who are unmotivated? What do you do with them? How [...]

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The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Fool Thyself

Random fact about me...I'm a pastors son... No, don't you go judging me 😉 Growing up my parents made sure I memorized the 10 commandments inside and out. It wasn't until I was much older and had started my first network marketing business that I discovered the power of the 11th commandment... You probably have never heard of this commandment, [...]

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EXPOSED – 3 Lies Your Upline Might Have Told You

Okay, I might be stepping on a few toes here, but I have to tell you this... You've been lied to... Probably by your upline too...The thing is they might not have meant it at all, but through decades and decades of network marketing folklore a lot of things can get twisted... Yup, there are a lot of lies floating [...]

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When To Quit Your Job & Go Full-time

I get it. You're sick of your job. You can almost taste freedom. You dipped your foot in the waters of global travel, sleeping in, and cashing big five figure checks in your mind when you signed up in your mlm business.... But before you fire your boss....you need to really think about a few things.... Watch this quick video [...]

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My Future Re: Network Marketing – Controversial Video Reveals ALL

So for about a year I've been extremely quiet about what network marketing business I'm involved in, whether I'm still involved in actively building or not, etc..... After my experience at Vemma and the great FTC disappointment (I still order product) I decided to take some time to just evaluate if I even wanted to go forward as a networker....Because [...]

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The 3 Reasons People Fail with Jarrod Wilkins

In this video clip top 7 figure earner, Jarrod Wilkins breaks down the top 3 reasons people fail in network marketing. To get access to the entire interview as well as the other dynamic training interviews I did with nearly a dozen top 7 and 8 figure earners head on over to www.MLMBreakthroughAcademy.com

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Facebook Has Yet Another “Hidden” Inbox?

So I consider myself to know a thing or two about Facebook. I've written books, created trainings, and taught thousands of entrepreneurs around the world on how to leverage Facebook to grow their brands, audiences, and businesses. So it's not an easy thing to admit that I didn't know about this "extra" hidden Facebook inbox. I knew about the "other" [...]

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FYI – I’m Not On Vacation

I'm still in paradise (don't think I'll ever leave lol), but I'm NOT on vacation. I just wanted to put that out there because I've been getting messages from people wishing me well on my vacation. And although I appreciate the well wishes I thought I should give you a dose of reality when it comes to building a successful [...]

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If I Had To Start From Scratch…

It happened again didn’t it.... You built up some momentum in your business…. You started making a few sales… And then nothing…. You don’t know where your next paycheck is going to come from.. And this isn’t the first time you’ve found yourself with no income and no idea what to do next.. Except… You can’t afford to fail… You’ve [...]

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